You can’t burn what you can’t even touch.
cascrieff: Finally got through your list of music recommendations, and I've now added A to B, Flesh, Burn, Little Pistol, and Follow My Feet to my library. Build That Wall also sounds pretty good. Thanks for doing that for me. ^^

Anytime :) I listen to a lot of music while i’m at work and while I’m doing things at home. I’m always finding new artists and such as well.

And for what? For this? This… Shadow!?

❝I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?❞

Ernest Hemingway (via stxxz)
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30 Day Red vs Blue Challenge
Day 2: Favorite Red Team member
↳ dexter grif

Happy 55th Birthday, Emma Thompson! (April 15, 1959)

best friends

"Soldier, where is everybody running?"

"New agent, squaring off against Maine, Wyoming and York on the training room floor. We’re going to watch!"

Favourite Freelancer→Agent Maine



What doesn’t kill me should’ve tried harder


Post-Apocalyptic images of Japan Source